Selected Fiction

“Speakeasy”: Death of Print

“There’s No Connection Here”: King Ludd’s Rag (print)

“The Horwitz Conundrum (Solved)” (excerpt from Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun): 3AM

“Neither Fever Nor Dream”: Excuse Me (print)

“I’ll Allow It, Maybe Just This Once” (2021 Best Small Fictions Selection) : Okay Donkey

“This is the Afterlife”: Juked (print)

“P.A.L.A.D.I.N.”: North American Review 

“All These Lives”: Disclaimer    

“This Is Not Happening”: Fiddleblack

“Tanuki”: Blunderbuss  

“Undead”: Red Fez  

“Stay Put”: Word Riot

Selected Essays

“Too Soon Is Now”: Maudlin House

“Show Me Where to Look”: Portland Review (print)

“X-Men vs. Street Fighter”: Seneca Review (print)

“Cartesian Ghost Story”: Heavy Feather Review 

“Nothing to Do with Zombies” Barrelhouse (print)